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majestic natural beauty

Story by Tony J. September 15th, 2016

I was going through my Google Photos album today and found this trip to Yosemite that my friends and I took in 2014. So I decided to post them up as a #tbt post. (Today is a Thursday after all.)

As Keanu drove into the park, he slowed the car down as we were mesmerized by the natural beauty before us. We felt like humans discovering Na’vi planet in Avatar. We parked the car, admired half dome in the distance, dropped our stuff down at the base camp and began our trek.


The waterfall appeared in the distance. We decided to head there first. As we looked around, there were waterfalls nested between mountain faces.


The waterfall got closer as we hiked up. We could feel the moisture in the air. The rocks beneath our feet were becoming slippery. We had to tread carefully.


The rugged surfaces and terrain were fun to trek on. We took a picture to commemorate the moment we reached the first stopover on top of the waterfall. Then we marched toward the next waterfall.


About an hour later, we reached the top of the bigger waterfall. It was windy up there. We took pictures overlooking the fall. The water gushed beneath us.


As it got colder, we decided to head down. Going down the mountain was quite a challenge as well. We trekked down gingerly and reached Camp Curry, where we were stationed for the night. The night was cold but it went by quickly. The next morning we gathered for warm breakfast at a restaurant nearby. The sun rays shined through.


After breakfast we headed on a different trail, one with a view of the half dome.


Spectacular views were before us. Seeing the relative size of humans compared to nature gave us more perspective about this world. We reflected as we trekked onwards.


Half dome stood in the distance. We admired it with awe.

Footnote: Photos taken with Canon 60D and a f3.5 18-200mm lens, and iPhone 5.
Yosemite National Park, Mariposa County, CA, United States